Eiji: statistics

Basis statistics

Full name: Eiji van ’t Kezenhoeveke
Birthdate: 29th June 2005
Gender: male
Weight: 22 kg
Siblings: 3 brothers, 3 sisters
HD: ???
Type of diet: raw meat
Horoscope: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster


This next part is about Eiji’s health and the remedies and solutions are only based on Eiji’s experience. By no means this would also work on your dog, so if you have any problems with your dog that is similar I advise you to go to a vet.


Eiji is e healthy dog that can walk for many kilometers and doesn’t get sick very often.
His coat is very shiny and easy to brush as a result of his raw meat diet. This doesn’t mean that Eiji doesn’t get any kibble (it happens sometimes e.g. when the meat is still frozen when it’s time to eat), but he mostly gets raw meat. Eiji does have to watch out that he doesn’t eats to much bones, because he digests them not so easy and when he gets too much of it without the necessary help of muscle meat and/or yoghurt, he has trouble with going to the bathroom.
He’s well-muscled so that he can do many things without getting too tired. The muscle building is created by making long daily walks and by sometimes switching those walks to running exercises next to the bike. This training was started when Eiji was old enough and it was the intensity has been slowly increased to not do any damage to any part of his body.
The only thing that prevents Eiji from going for even longer walks or running sessions are his paws. His paws have the condition called “east west” in the front and in the back. And as a result, Eiji gets troubles with his paws if he goes on walks of over 50km for a period of time. The result of noticing this, has caused that Eiji only goes on walks that are about 20km or less per day.


When Eiji was 2 years old, he was getting spots on his back legs. As he was so young, the vet thought that they were just some zits . Half a year later, Eiji had those spots again and this time he was very itchy.
After trying some medication, the vet decided to take an allergy test. The result was that Eiji is allergic to several mites. And that he can react to some degree on a couple of plants. So now Eiji has to avoid certain places.

Hay fever

Eiji’s hay fever reaction is closely linked to his allergies because the systems are very alike. He gets lots of spots on his tummy and legs, he loses lots of hair (nothing of his undercoat is left) and his skin itches a lot. Whenever he goes in water during those periods, the parts of skin that are irritated are turning red.
Now Eiji has to take anti-histamines when the season of hay fever starts. And twice a week Eiji’s get is sprayed with a biological product to reduce the itching. But if the spots he gets start to bleed a lot, he has to take antibiotics to decrease the risk of getting infections and heal the spots by force. When the itching itself is uncontrollable with the natural product, the spray is switched to a spray with cortisone.
Eiji has tried to use natural products like horse milk, but those didn’t work with him.