Eiji: the name

Where does the name Eiji come from and what does it means? A lot of people will be asking this question.

The origin of the name is Japan. I choose this name because I like Japanese names and it’s rare to hear these names here. I also had to choose a name that starts with “E”, because that’s how the rules are for the pedigree and for 2005 the name had to start with “E”.

The word “Eiji” has multiple translations. It all depends on the way it is written in Japanese. Here’s a list with some of the translations and how it is originally written:

  • 嬰児: baby, infant
  • 英字: English character
  • 永日: long spring day
  • 栄辱: honor and-or shame
  • 永治: eternity at peace
  • 影久: old story shadow
  • 瑛士: crystal of samurai

Eiji is also a term in Daoism which means a symbol of primordial non-discrimination and purity.

So I mainly decided on his name due to the meaning in Daoism and the translation “crystal of samurai”. I think the translation suits the Spitz perfectly.