Eiji: who is he?

Eiji’s is a Keeshond, also known as a spitz. He was born on June 29th 2005, together with his 6 siblings (3 brothers and 3 sisters).
His parents are Aaike van het Earlskamp (the mother) and Chris von Hochkirchen (the father).

Eiji is a playfull dog that makes everything in a game. He’s always very cheerful and makes every day a happy day. He knows when somebody close to him is down and will do anything to comfort him. He will come close, give comfort and give little licks until you start smiling again.
He’s always very enthousiastic, even more than other dogs and certainly compared to certain breeds. It’s sometimes difficult to know why he gets enthousiastic at things that are done daily. He will do everything with so much effort that it makes it fun to train him and you make it a game instead of him.

He has a lot of energy and can walk for hours. When he’s at the beach he will run until he gets to hot and will then to every trick a dog knows to cool down like digging a hole to put his nose in. When you think he’s out of enegery he jumps back up and starts again from the beginning with running and jumping. But at the end of the day, he will lay down and sleep like a rock only to wake the next morning with lots of new energy. Or when he had to run to much and gets tired during the day, he will stop and do no more.