Busy day and yet not

Today I went to the new edition of ‘Beestjes & Baasjes’. Luckily I got there before it became busy. Sadly, each year this event is getting smaller and this year was no exception. In less than an hour, I’ve seen everything, but Jessica wanted to look around again to see if she didn’t miss anything.
There was a booth there from a magazine and you could take a picture series like thos in a photo boot. So Shunka, Jiba and I placed us in a chair to get the pictures taken. That was fun.
After walking around a couple of times, we had to go to the next location. Katinka, Shunka and Jiba were participating in a trail run. Dogs were allowed, so Katinka decided to give it a try. After registering, we walked around a bit until the run would begin. When the run started, Jessica and I went to look for a spot to take some pictures and then we had to wait… and wait… and wait. After waiting a long time, they finally arrived at the point we were standing. Shunka and Jiba wanted to come to us, but they weren’t allowed. When they passed by, Jessica and I went to the finish. Then we went for a little walk so that Shunka and Jiba could relax. There were no rankings, so we didn’t have to wait for that and could home when we wanted to.