Busy World Animal Day

Today I had a very busy World animal day. In the morning I had to go to all the pet stores in the city (4 in total) to get my presents. In some stores I even got some presents from the shop keeper ^_^
During those visits, I got cookies in the stores and after each store visit I got another treat for being a good boy in the store!
In total it took 3 hours to go to all the shops and I wasn’t by car! So when I got back home, I was tired and slept for a bit, but not for long. I had a workshop in the afternoon.
The workshop was about Circle training. It’s doing tricks on a distance from the person you’re with. So Jessica had to stand inside a circle and I had to stand outside of it. Then I had to follow her and suddenly she would say a command that I would have to follow. The tricky part was that I wasn’t allowed inside the circle for anything. The goal of the workshop was to get used to work around the circle. By the end of the workshop I had to walk around the circle and leave all the toys alone that were laying outside of the circle. I couldn’t pick one up. The first time I was to curious and sniffed the toys, but the second time it was no problem. The last exercise was walking around the circle, but there were holes in the circle. So I could walk next to Jessica, but I wasn’t allowed. I tried a couple of times, but Jessica blocked my very quickly. It was a fun workshop and I hope I can do more of this.
But by the end of the day, I was very sleepy. But I still had to do my evening walk and I still had to eat my dinner, which was extra yummy.
I also got a brand new toy from Nina Ottosson, but I wasn’t able to play with it today, because of all things I did today, but tomorrow I’ll play with it.