Crazy dogs

Today I went to a practice fly ball game. Before the season starts, several teams come together to practice. And this was the first time I went along to such a practice session.
I was overwhelmed by the dogs. There were mostly border collies around and the were all barking and jumping and acting crazy. At first I didn’t know how to act, but when we sat by the side I would take a good look at everything. I was shocked by how crazy Jiba was becoming. Most of the time, she doesn’t act like that.
When it was the time for Jiba’s team, Katinka was worried that Jiba would be distracted because Shunka, Jessica and I were standing next to the lanes. But it soon became clear that those worries weren’t necessary. Jiba was very concentrated on getting that ball and nothing else matters.
During the games, some people of Jiba’s team asked to babysit some puppies while they needed to play a game. So I was suddenly a puppysitter ^_^
Jiba and her team had several matches, but when they didn’t have any any more, we went for a little walk in a park nearby. It was a good place to relax and calm down.