Damn beach

Just before the weekend I went for a walk on the beach. I was having lots of fun with playing with a ball. While I was running behind the ball at one moment, I put my back leg down in the wrong way and I had suddenly pain in it. So I limped back without the ball and beach time was over. We went off the beach and Katinka and Jessica checked my leg. They didn’t see or feel anything strange, so they decided I just misplaced my foot and needed some rest. So this meant that I only went out for 20 minutes walks instead of walks for at least one hour.
By the end of the weekend I had my usual skip again and I could go for long walks again. And today I went for a walk in the dunes and the beach! In the dunes there were lots of ups and downs and grass and I had no problems. I even had running matches with Shunka and Jiba. We went back to the car through the beach and I was playing along. But suddenly, while running after a ball (again), I got another pain in my back leg. This time it was the other leg. But it didn’t hurt so much as last time. And Jessica decided that the rest of the day tomorrow I have to do it slow again and can only go for small walks.