Dog sporting day

This morning I went for a short walk with Jessica. I was protesting, but I didn’t know what I would do today.
After a drive of about 45 minutes together with Jiba and Shunka, we arrived at a dog school. They were organising “Dog sporting day”. It’s a whole day, divided in 3 parts and in each part there was an introduction of a sport of hobby that can be done with dogs.
The first thing we did were brain games. I had to find cookies from under several things like mugs, cups, cones,… Another way I had to find treats was by unrolling a towel. Treats were lined up in the towel and I had to unroll it bit by bit to find all the treats. Some of the other things I did during this workshop was searching for treats by turning all different kind of cups around a horizontal stick so that the treats would fall out. And I also had to search for them in cup that were attached to each other with a string.
The second workshop I did was Frisbee. All the humans had to practise their throws first, so we, the dogs, had some time to relax. After the practise throws, everybody had a turn to try and let their dog catch the Frisbee. When it was my time, I was very enthusiastic at first, but my attention drifted away and started sniffing. Jessica tried to get my attention, but I think this isn’t a sport for me.
The last workshop I d,id was an introduction to tracking. To start of we had to play some dog intelligence games and try finding treats in a ball pool. Then we had to find the treat under a flower pot. But after a while, all of the pots were smelling the same. The last thing I did was trying to find a couple of treats hidden in a bunch of cones. That was hard work, but lot’s of fun.
It was a fun day, but very tiresome. I have to day I don’t have much energy left, but just enough to eat my dinner ^_^