First fly ball game of the season

Today it was the first official fly ball game for Jiba, so Jessica and I went along. But what a long, boring day it was.
The games started late because there was a problem with the electricity. And then it was almost 2 hours before Jiba’s first game. And I wasn’t allowed to look at other games, because I had to be with Jiba and a place that we couldn’t see the games so that Jiba wouldn’t get crazy for wanting to play with the others.
And then it was finally time for Jiba’s team. Jessica, Shunka and I went to stand not from the box, so that Jessica could take pictures. And then it started. It was so fast and quickly over. And then it was keeping a good look at the schedule, because the games were following very quickly. Jiba did great, but Jessica, Shunka and I didn’t do much, but standing on the side. Jessica took pictures, but that was it. No long walks or playing games. It’s good for going once because it was a début game for Jiba, but the other games I’m staying home so that I can play and walk as long as I want.