Hoopers agility

Today I went to a private lesson for a introduction of Hoopers agility. Normally I would have went to a workshop last Sunday, but due to the rain the grounds for the workshop were soaking wet and not save to get a lesson on. So I went today. I’ve never done this before, so I was very curious. The first exercise I learned was going forward without Jessica moving from a certain spot. That was hard in the beginning, but when I saw that treats were laying on the spot I had to go to, it went very fast. When I had that under control, I had to learn to turn around a cone from the left and right on command. That went very fast.
After a little break, the hoopers came along. At first I just had to go through the hooper to a certain point again, just like the first exercise again. When I got that, a second hooper was placed after the first one and the distance became greater. After a couple of times, 2 hoopers were placed next to each other and I had to make turns around the hoopers just like with the cone. Jessica noticed that I was getting tired, so after a couple of times I had to take another break.
The last exercise was going through lot’s of hoopers in a U-turn and a tunnel, but because I was tired and wasn’t paying any attention any more, Jessica decided to run next to me. That isn’t very correct according to the rules in Hoopers agility, but we just did it for fun ^_^

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