New bed

I love my flat bed. I also like thick beds, but when I go to sleep I still prefer flat ones. Before I lay down, I always scratch my bed and turn around. It doesn’t matter which moment of they day or night. And I’m not the only one. When Shunka and Jiba go on my bed, they do just the same. It’s like the bed screams to us ‘scratch me’.
But because of all the scratching, my bed suffers a lot. And as a result, Jessica buys a new one each year. And today was the day, I got a new one. And I couldn’t wait tot test it out. I went on it and the tags of the shop were still on it. So Jessica chased me of the bed and first took off the tags. And then I could test it. Or I was going to, because Jiba quickly went on it before me! So mean!
But it didn’t take long before I could went on my bed. I just chased her of it and started scratching and biting my bed. Isn’t that a nice welcome?