Pirate walk

Today I went on a group walk with mostly little dogs (lot’s of chihuahuas were there). I was the largest of the bunch. Because it’s almost Halloween, the theme of the walk was pirates.
Before the walk started, Katinka and Jessica had to make sure that everything was in place for the walk. So we went early to get everything ready and did the walk in reversed order. During that walk, Jiba noticed a bird in the water. She wanted to chase it, but then Katinka noticed that the bird was trapped in some wire and couldn’t move. So Jiba wasn’t allowed to play with the bird and Katinka removed her shoes to get in the water to free the bird. When she tried to free it, she saw that the wire had hooks on it, and as a result couldn’t just release the bird. In the end, we had to call the bird rescue centre to come get to bird, because it had several wounds from the hooks.
By the time the bird was picked up, the people and dogs who went along on the walk arrived. To get in the mood, all the dogs had to wear a pirate themed scarf. I liked the scarf a lot. During the walk, the other dogs and I had to do little exercises. We had to walk on stones of different heights, try to get cookies from rope that was bound between poles, find hidden treasures (cookies),…
It was lot’s of fun and for me kind of different to be with so many little dogs. I felt like the king of dogs.