Pomeranian grooming session

Today I went to a pomeranian grooming session by Deborah Sullivan. Jessica wanted to go because some interesting topics were being discussed about the breed as well.
When we arrived at the location, we were an hour early, but Jessica had calculated that. So before the session we went on a walk to explore the environment. I found the playwoods. So we decided to walk there. When it was almost time, we went back to the location, which was a public elementary school.
There were were greeted by the owners of the kennel Amici Amito who organised the whole event. Some of their dogs were there also. They came greet us, but the male dog was a bit dominant. Jessica fixed this problem by giving us cookies and making us sitting closer and closer to each other. But after a while there wasn’t any problem any more. So we decided to explore the premises. And in the meanwhile, more people with pomeranians were coming and playtime was started. In the end, I was the only keeshond that was there, but that wasn’t any issue. The 5 puppies that were there found it great to play with me.
When everyone was arrived, the session started with talking about the breed, what to look out for when buying a puppy and the health issues in the breed. While all the humans were paying attentions, all the pomeranians ans I were still playing with each other. Sometimes we went between the people and this caused some hilarious situations.
When the morning was over, it was time for lunch. After Jessica had eated, we went for a walk in the school yard and some of the pomeranians followed us. The afternoon part was about how to groom a pomeranian. Jessica discovered that the way she brushed me is exactly alike brushing a pomeranian. The hair cutting part is different ^_^
When Deborah was done demonstrating, there was free time to eat some sweet and a little walk. And yet again, the pomeranians were following Jessica and I. We both were pretty attractive for some reason. I think they wanted to eat all my cookies! After the break, it was time for the pomeranian owners to try for them self.
After everyone was done, it was time to go home. But I had lot’s of playtime with the pomeranians and I wished it could have lasted a longer time ^_^