Trying a new photoshoot

Since I’m turning 10 years old this year, Jessica wanted me to take a professional studio photoshoot. And today was the day. We went to Oostburg in Holland. The photographer was recommended to us by someone who also had him for pictures of their dog. When we arrived at the address, we rang the doorbell and some opened the door. But there wasn’t a photographer on that address. Katinka had put down the wrong number. So we did a quick search and then found the correct address.
Jiba and Shunka came along and also had their pictures taken. The first to get their pictures taken was Jiba, then Shunka and then it was my turn. But Katinka kept distracting me with cookies and treats! So I kept looking at her to get some cookies. Then we changed it to take some pictures from Jiba and Shunka together and then I was also called back in.
The end result is great and some beautiful pictures were taken.