Home work

Jessica was at home to study for her work. I was very excited, because she was going to be close by and I hoped to be able to play. But all was just hope. She placed her laptop on the table and started looking at some on line courses and didn’t play with me. I tried to get as close… Read more →

Cat play

Today I was in a playful mood. I wanted to play with everyone. I even tried to play with one of the cats of Katinka.But she wasn’t so enthusiastic. I offered a toy robe to play and a steak in plush, but she didn’t want to. She just turned her head and played with her plush moon. And she didn’t… Read more →

Weather trouble

The last couple of days, it’s been very windy. And now it’s been raining non stop. Luckily, my rain cat is keeping most of my dry, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get dirty. Due to the rain, in a lot of places the ground is saturated with water and the water is just laying on it. In places with… Read more →

New bed

I love my flat bed. I also like thick beds, but when I go to sleep I still prefer flat ones. Before I lay down, I always scratch my bed and turn around. It doesn’t matter which moment of they day or night. And I’m not the only one. When Shunka and Jiba go on my bed, they do just… Read more →

Hoopers agility

Today I went to a private lesson for a introduction of Hoopers agility. Normally I would have went to a workshop last Sunday, but due to the rain the grounds for the workshop were soaking wet and not save to get a lesson on. So I went today. I’ve never done this before, so I was very curious. The first… Read more →

Wind mill

I’ve got a new toy to play with: the Trixie wind mill. And I think that’s just the perfect toy for a keeshond!Jessica places different cookies and other yummy treats in 4 tubes. Then she places those tubes on a piece that turns and that’s it. And the idea behind the toy is that I let the toy turn around… Read more →

Pirate walk

Today I went on a group walk with mostly little dogs (lot’s of chihuahuas were there). I was the largest of the bunch. Because it’s almost Halloween, the theme of the walk was pirates.Before the walk started, Katinka and Jessica had to make sure that everything was in place for the walk. So we went early to get everything ready… Read more →

Busy World Animal Day

Today I had a very busy World animal day. In the morning I had to go to all the pet stores in the city (4 in total) to get my presents. In some stores I even got some presents from the shop keeper ^_^During those visits, I got cookies in the stores and after each store visit I got another… Read more →

Dog sporting day

This morning I went for a short walk with Jessica. I was protesting, but I didn’t know what I would do today.After a drive of about 45 minutes together with Jiba and Shunka, we arrived at a dog school. They were organising “Dog sporting day”. It’s a whole day, divided in 3 parts and in each part there was an… Read more →

Pomeranian grooming session

Today I went to a pomeranian grooming session by Deborah Sullivan. Jessica wanted to go because some interesting topics were being discussed about the breed as well.When we arrived at the location, we were an hour early, but Jessica had calculated that. So before the session we went on a walk to explore the environment. I found the playwoods. So… Read more →