Workshop Body & Balance basic

Today I went to a Body and Balance workshop for starters. I’ve done a couple of private lessons, but it’s always something different by doing it in group.There were 2 sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but I was registered for the morning session.There were about 10 other dogs there and the first thing I had… Read more →

Gym class

It has been a long time, but today I had another gym class (aka Body & Balance lesson).The first exercise was on the balance pillow. I had to sit on it and be still. And that was quite hard. Every time Jessica took a treat of boiled liver out of the bag, I was moving forward. So Jessica and the… Read more →

Birthday weekend

Today was my birthday! I turned 9 years old. Time goes by fast. Because it’s a Sunday, Jessica decided to make it a birthday weekend. Yesterday I got my first present: Nina Ottosson’s Dog Spinny. It’s a disk with a whole in it that’s being blocked by a white piece. I have to take out the piece to get my… Read more →

No more cookies!

Big alarm this morning. I didn’t had any more cookies. My whole cookie cabines was empty! When Jessica saw that, there was a sudden need to go to the pet shops. So we went to several pet shops and ended up with a full back bag and more to fill the cabinet again. Let’s eat ^_^ Read more →

I need cooling down!

The last couple of days it’s getting very hot and everything is blossoming. As a result, I’m itchy like hell and all of my undercoat is coming loose. Jessica and Katinka try to do everything so that Shunka, Jiba and I get the necessary refreshments during walks or are taking us especially to places where it is cooler. Today it… Read more →

Hachiko treasure hunt

Today a local dog school organised a treasure hunt and all the profits are going to an organisation called Hachiko. That organisation trains dogs to help needy people. All week it wasn’t all that hot, but I think the weather decided to change today. It was very hot and I went to the hunt together with Shunka, Jiba, Katinka and… Read more →

All alone

Shunka, Jiba and Katinka are away on holiday, so this means that I won’t be able to play with them. They are away for 5 days. Luckily Jessica is still here, because otherwise I would be very lonely. I still do all the things I normally do, but it’s strange when I notice that they aren’t around. When I want… Read more →

Workshop ‘Making doggy cookie tarts’

Today there was a kid’s workshop at a local pet store for making doggy tarts out of doggy cookies. Jessica thought it was a good idea to go and so we went even thought there weren’t any children with us. When we arrived at the shop, a couple of kids were busy making some tarts and I went sitting next… Read more →

Beestjes & Baasjes 2014

It was the last day of the 3 day ‘Beestjes & Baasjes’ (translated as ‘Pets and Owners’) event and I went together with Shunka and Jiba. It had been a couple of years ago since I last went so I wondered what has changed. And I have to say I was a little disappointed. I expected more. The last time… Read more →

Muscle ache

This morning I went for a morning walk and when I got back home I suddenly started feeling sharp pains in my back legs. The muscles were twitching a lot and I almost couldn’t stand on them. Jessica called the vet and he told her to massage my legs. But the cramping didn’t stop, so she quickly carried me to… Read more →