Quality time with Shunka

Today there was another fly ball game for Jiba, and I didn’t go with her. I stayed at home and Shunka stayed with me. We started with breakfast and a cookie as dessert. After an hour, we went to the beach to play. It wasn’t to hot, so I was very happy. Shunka was running after balls, but I didn’t… Read more →

Trying a new photoshoot

Since I’m turning 10 years old this year, Jessica wanted me to take a professional studio photoshoot. And today was the day. We went to Oostburg in Holland. The photographer was recommended to us by someone who also had him for pictures of their dog. When we arrived at the address, we rang the doorbell and some opened the door.… Read more →

First fly ball game of the season

Today it was the first official fly ball game for Jiba, so Jessica and I went along. But what a long, boring day it was.The games started late because there was a problem with the electricity. And then it was almost 2 hours before Jiba’s first game. And I wasn’t allowed to look at other games, because I had to… Read more →

Busy day and yet not

Today I went to the new edition of ‘Beestjes & Baasjes’. Luckily I got there before it became busy. Sadly, each year this event is getting smaller and this year was no exception. In less than an hour, I’ve seen everything, but Jessica wanted to look around again to see if she didn’t miss anything.There was a booth there from… Read more →

Searching eggs

Jessica bought some eggs that can talk. Now she’s hiding them and I have to find them. At first it was very easy, but then she started putting them in hard to find places. And it really became difficult, when Jiba started bugging in. She started searching as well, and when I found the eggs, she came to me very… Read more →

Cats are the boss?

I know cats have an attitude, but are the really the boss? Sometimes they are, like today.After the evening walk, Jessica and I brought Jiba and Shunka home and I wanted to take a drink. But I wasn’t allowed by Rifki, one of the cats living there. He sat by the drinking bowl and slowly drank water. And I wasn’t… Read more →

Crazy dogs

Today I went to a practice fly ball game. Before the season starts, several teams come together to practice. And this was the first time I went along to such a practice session.I was overwhelmed by the dogs. There were mostly border collies around and the were all barking and jumping and acting crazy. At first I didn’t know how… Read more →

Exploring new things in old places

I don’t feel any pain anymore and today I went to explore Raversyde in Ostend. They are reorganizing this park and normally nobody should be allowed to walk there. But people (and dogs) who came there regularly, still do it. And Jessica decided it was time to see how for the reorganizing was progressing. And I have to say, it… Read more →

Damn beach

Just before the weekend I went for a walk on the beach. I was having lots of fun with playing with a ball. While I was running behind the ball at one moment, I put my back leg down in the wrong way and I had suddenly pain in it. So I limped back without the ball and beach time… Read more →

Turning in coupons

Today I went on a shopping trip with Shunka, Jiba and Katinka. The reasons was turning in coupons to get free dog food. But they were almost expired, so we had to go to several pet shops to be able to turn them in.And the fun thing is that when you’re going to different shops, you get lots of treats… Read more →